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Collapse Depth


Lieutenant Danny Jabo is a young officer onboard the USS Alabama, a Trident submarine. When a mad man tries to stop the ship's vital mission, it's up to Danny and the rest of the heroic crew to stop him.


Shooting a Mammoth


When six woolly mammoths wander to the edge of a small Indiana town, some react with wonder, others with fear. All will be profoundly changed by the experience.

Dr. David Wrangel has followed the mammoths from their original home on the Canadian tundra, becoming a celebrity in the process. He fears that trouble is inevitable as they come ever closer to populated areas. Jay Huck owns the abandoned mint field where the mammoths have chosen to graze. The sinister Oberhausen twins are eager to kill the mammoths, and when the people of New Porter start getting mysteriously ill, they gain surprising allies.


Over and Under


In the summer of 1979, Andy and Tom are two fourteen-year-old boys---best friends, expert cave explorers, and crack shots with their Springfield M-6 Scout rifles. In rural southern Indiana they are blissfully unaware of the local labor strife surrounding the Borden Casket Company. The fact that Andy’s dad is a manager and Tom’s dad is a union laborer has no bearing on their fun and adventure.

But in the building summer heat, violence quickly erupts---including an explosion, a murder, and the escape of two fugitives---and the young boys can no longer ignore that the world around them has forever changed. Through their secret observations of labor meetings, both boys feel the effect of the dissolution, and it tests their loyalty and friendship, as well as the town's spirit.


Ghost Sub


When the USS Boise disappears, Lieutenant Danny Jabo and the crew of the USS Louisville are ordered to find her.

Written by the author of COLLAPSE DEPTH, submarine force veteran Todd Tucker tells the tale in the tradition of Tom Clancy and Alistair MacLean. Danger, high stakes, and scintillating realism make this a must-read for all those inspired by the unique mission of the Silent Service.


The third installment of the Danny Jabo saga is finally here!


For his third sea tour, Danny returns to a Trident submarine in Bangor, Washington. He is the Executive Officer, the second-in-command, on a bilion-dollar submarine. But even as the Cold War wanes, Danny finds himself facing an adversary no one saw coming.



One day in the not-too-distant future, Pete Hamlin regains consciousness deep inside the nuclear submarine Polaris. He's got a gun in his hand, a fire raging outside his door, and a dead man at his feet. Soon Pete discovers that the ship is in the middle of a mutiny - and he has no idea what side he's on.
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